Audio Mogul Explorers of Production Course:

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Learn the art of advanced sound design and drum synthesis exploring new ways to create sounds stepping away from sample packs and making original music that has longevity in a crowded market. This intermediate course covers methodologies to help you become more creative in the studio and advance your learning to make your own beats, bytes and blips. This like the others is a totally unique course that you won’t find on any tutorial website or platform. The instructor for this course will be Alec Storey (Second Storey).

Instructor Second Storey:

Alec Storey has a vast career in electronic music production and now resides in the techno capital of Berlin. Alec releases on AUS Music, R&S, Houndstooth and Frustrated Funk. Alec has an ear for unique sound design with original productions journalists struggle to categorise, a true master of pushing the boundaries of sound and electronic music.

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