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A.M Pioneer Filter Coffee


Crafted for electronic music producers to help stimulate both hemispheres of the brain and increase creative output when working on music compositions. Lightly roasted with a slow and sustained caffeine release perfect for days in the studio.

Farm: Monte Bonito
Origin: Pitalito, South Huila, Colombia
Varietals Caturra, Colombia & Castillo
Process: Washed, & Sundried via Solar Parabolic (14-18days)
Elevation: 1600-1650 MASL
Weight: 250g & 1kg
Roast: Filter

Use: V60, Clever Cup, Syphon, Mocha Pot, Aeropress

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg

1kg, 250g

Return Policy

If the buyer experiences damage and the coffee is unusable, they are required to contact us immediately with a photo of the package.
In that scenario, we will replace the package free of charge.
If the package has been damaged but the coffee is unopened, we request that they log the issue with us anyway, but retain the coffee.
If they decide for whatever reason that they do not want any products, they are legally allowed to return them within 14 days of receipt, but do so at their own expense. Until the goods are received by us in full resalable condition (Including original packaging), the customer remains liable for the goods and costs.
PLEASE NOTE: Coffee is excluded from this returns policy, as it is a perishable food product.


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