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Online Music Production Modules

Learn from leading experts in the field of music production with Ableton Live. Our modular service is developed to help musicians, producers and DJs become pioneers and explorers taking the adventure in music production.

Our methods and creative thinking has lead to a future in which we can delve deeper with the creative process learning as we go.

Course Instructors: Phelan, Anna, Ned, Jonathan and Alec.

New modules coming soon!

online module

Learn the art of sound design and drum synthesis with Ableton Live exploring new methods to create sonic sounds stepping away from commercial sample packs and making original music that has longevity in a crowded market.

This intermediate module covers methodologies to help you become more creative in the studio and advance your learning to make your own beats, bytes and blips. This like the others is a totally unique course that you won’t find on any tutorial website or platform.

Module Instructor Alec Storey:

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online module

You will be introduced to key elements of Ableton Live including synthesis, modulation, arrangement & sound design as well as an overview of areas often not explored in music teaching online.

Learn from an industry expert on creativity & music production who has worked for over 20 years in music education and has been involved in producing some of the world’s best compositions in modern times.

Ableton Live has the toolset to create any kind of music and our instructor Phelan has been at the forefront of sound & production with world leading software from the very beginning.

Module Instructor Phelan Kane:

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online module

Sometimes we need to think outside the box to create new and innovate music, do you sometimes feel like your stuck in a loop with no way out?

Gavin has been working in music production for over 25 years and released music at his own pace, constantly working in the background with new and innovative methods to maintain creativity. Learn how to use your emotions, listen and work with innovative strategies to make more music. From recording your natural environment to building your own instruments in Ableton Live creating original music compositions.


Module Instructor Gavin McKenzie:

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