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Audio mogul prides itself on creativity and how to use education and natural products to increase the creative output for music production. We are music producers and DJ’s with over 20 years experience each in the field of music, education and DJ-ing. Our aim is to climb the mountain together as a collective and not just run up the hill. Music is a life long commitment and with our e-book you can see the value of creativity and why it’s so important to work on your art, prepare and make the best music you can.

Audio Mogul Creativity Starts From Within e-book


This ‘e-book’ has been compiled by a number of contributors all experts in their field. After extensive research, we have seen tangible evidence that what you put into your body and how you treat it, directly affects the creativity you will put out. This ‘e-book ’comprises a number of key elements all designed to help increase creativity and improved lifestyle choices.

The first is a 5-day meal planner for musicians and DJ’s and maintain a healthy balanced diet. It was put together by Ibiza based and private chef to some of the world’s biggest artists, Davide Munerato. Davide is also an accomplished DJ and Producer under the guise of Dave Mun.

The book also offers an insight into yoga & meditation from instructor Suzanne Faith. Suzanne links the physical and mental aspects of these and how they can translate to creativity. She is also a Ph.D. qualified psychologist.

Lastly, we drew on the expertise of qualified holistic nutritionist Tina Kaczor, she has added all the needed information for DJs, producers, musicians & artists to help them to perform at the top of their game.

And of course, we have various methods of preparation for coffee and cacao to increase creativity and focus from Audio Mogul, Machina Coffee and Forever Cacao.


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