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For the past 3 years, I have been working with industry professionals with no less than 4 PhD’s using natural products and methodologies bringing together practices that work effectively in the creative realm. As a musician and advocate of mindfulness, I have been on a journey across Europe to find ways of understanding how creativity affects what we need to increase performance, focus and originality.

At Audio Mogul we help creatives stay creative. Whether you are a producer, DJ, artist, musician, or across the board creative we have found unique ways to help you stay creative.


From teachers in Ibiza to accredited guides from Berlin and the United Kingdom research has shown music production, yoga, meditation, cardio, plant-based diet, coffee, cacao and nutrition are all integral parts of the creative process, when combined we have witnessed the profound effect on learning outcomes. We are at the forefront of change in the current climate and as pioneers, we strive to activate our creative potential.

From Music Production courses to Coffee and Cacao, here at Audio Mogul, we do things differently.  Harmonious pairings of unique products and methods that truly inspire creativity.

Coffee sparks creativity

Our coffee has been at the forefront of the AM philosophy “fuel your creativity” for the past 3 years we have been in development to bring you coffee that you can enjoy when working from a computer or studio environment.

Our Adventure, Explorer & Pioneer coffee is just that activating both hemispheres of the brain with amazing results as we climb the mountain of creativity to reach the summit.

Our coffee is roasted by Steve Glencross; former club promoter, DJ and record label owner, at Machina Coffee in Edinburgh to our specifications for slow release caffeine ideally used with the Hario V60, Aeropress or Syphon Coffee pot.

Summit School

Learn from leading experts in music production with Ableton Live 10.

Our 8-hour course modules are the perfect way to fulfil your creative potential and make more music.

Ableton certified trainer Phelan Kane, Alec Storey, Jonathan Rogers and Ned Rush have created online modules to help in the pursuit of original music composition with an understanding of music production to make music that matters to you.

Natural high

We have partnered with Forever Cacao to bring a new and unique way of increasing energy performance in cardiovascular and to combat stress & anxiety improving cognitive capabilities and memory function with raw organic cacao.

Good things come to those who create

We have been working with coffee, cacao, yoga, meditation, cardio, breath work, food & nutrition creating our first eBook to help increase creative performance for artists, musicians, DJ’s, designers and specialists in the creative field. A.M ‘Creativity Starts from Within’ Book available with advice from experts in their field helping enhance the creative experience and expanding your toolset for music production.

A.M recordings is a digital platform for us to share new music from our previous students, trainers & friends within the music industry who have used our tried and tested methods to make more music.


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