Gavin Mckenzie founder of Audio Mogul a music professional now studying psychotherapy advocating mindfulness, creative expression, well being and electronic music as a therapy.

On a journey across Europe to find ways of understanding how creativity affects what we need to increase performance, focus and originality.  



From guides in Ibiza to accredited instructors from Berlin, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Detroit & London research has shown music production, meditation, cardio fitness, breath work, music therapy, plant-based diet, coffee, cacao and nutrition are all integral parts of the creative process.

Gavin has created methods to help music professionals continue their adventure in music exploring and becoming pioneers of production.

Audio Mogul Creativity Starts From Within e-book

This ‘e-book’ has been compiled by leading experts in their chosen field.

After extensive research, we have seen tangible evidence that what you put into your body and how you treat it, directly affects the creativity you will put out. This ‘e-book ’comprises a number of key elements all designed to help increase creativity and improved lifestyle choices as a musician or as a creative professional.

Coffee • Cacao • Meditation • Diet • Nutrition • Breath Work • Foraging • Cardio Fitness • Music Infinities • Smoothies • Yoga

Author Gavin McKenzie (Founder of Audio Mogul)

Foreword by Milton Mermikides (PhD) Reader in Music Surrey University.

Contributors: Suzanne Faith Phd • Tina Kaczor • Dave Mun • Tamara Groen • Andrew Gibson • Tim Spankie • Steve Glencross • Pablo Spaull • Phelan Kane • Diego Martin.

Download embedded content in the e-book (yoga, breath work, meditation)

Activate your creative journey with help from leading professionals!


Audio Mogul Adventure Espresso Coffee

Our ‘Adventure’ coffee is exactly that, the pursuit, drive and creative experience. The variety changes regularly and we bring to you the best beans from around the world. Hand roasted in small batches for those who want to try something new and take the adventure in creativity.

We use beans from around the world to diversify from regularity for you to make exciting coffee at home or in the studio.

Location: Goias, Cerrado Goiâno, Brazil
Varietal: Catuaí Vermelho 144, Catuaí Amarelo 62 and Topázio
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1050 masl
Weight: 250g / 1kg
Roast: Espresso

Use: Espresso Machine, Mocha Pot & Aeropress.

AUDIO MOGUL Summit school


Ableton Live 8 Hour Module

£800.00 £400.00

You will be introduced to key elements of Ableton Live including synthesis, modulation, arrangement & sound design as well as an overview of areas often not explored in music teaching online.

Learn from an industry expert on creativity & music production who has worked for over 20 years in music education and has been involved in producing some of the world’s best compositions in modern times.

Ableton Live has the toolset to create any kind of music and our instructor Phelan has been at the forefront of sound & production with world leading software from the very beginning.

Module Instructor Phelan Kane:

Ableton Certified Trainer Phelan Kane’s credits include sources as diverse as Placebo, Radiohead, Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode, Moby, Snow Patrol, Mute, Sony BMG, Universal, EMI, and Warner Bros.

In 2016 he completed studying for an MSc in Sound & Music Computing at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, University of London. He is a member of the UK’s Music Producers Guild, holds a PG Cert in Learning & Teaching, is an Affiliate of the Institute for Learning, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Please contact for course dates


Phelan Kane

Ableton Max For Live Beginner’s Masterclass

Get to grips with Max For Live as Ableton Certified Trainer Phelan Kane walks you through the creation of De-grader, a simple digital distortion effect.

Enjoy this Computer Music video created by Phelan Kane, Audio Mogul module instructor and course co-coordinator.

Property of Computer Music.

Behind the scenes

Are you Ready!

The making of the Audio Mogul coffee promo video in lockdown 2020 with Cue the Mustard and SW&Co, a testement to creativity and dedication to deliver creative content for the launch of the website.

Activate your creativity is the ethos of Audio Mogul at the heart of everything we create.


 As pioneers we are on a creative journey in music production, taking the adventure of a lifetime exploring ways of creating original compositions with Ableton Live..

We need to maintain creativity throughout our musical journey leaning on the past for inspiration, advancing into the future of creation.


join us and explore your true potential in music creativity.

Audio Mogul eBook

Activate your creativity with natural methods designed for musicians & DJ’s.

Audio Mogul Coffee

Are you ready to experience coffee designed to enhance creativity for musicians and DJ’s.

Audio Mogul Courses

Activiate your creativity with our online Ableton Live course modules.

Gavron - Cosmos

Sunken Sun Records
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Coffee sparks creativity

Our coffee has been at the forefront of the AM philosophy “fuel your creativity” for the past 3 years we have been in development to bring you coffee you can enjoy when working from a computer or in a studio environment.

Our Adventure, Explorer & Pioneer coffee is just that activating creativity with amazing results as we climb the mountain to reach the summit of our true potential.

Activate your creativity with Audio Mogul Coffee, freshly roasted and packaged in Edinburgh Scotland.

Summit School

Learn from leading experts in music production with Ableton Live from the comfort of your own home.

Our 8-hour course modules are the perfect way to fulfill your creative potential.

Ableton certified trainer Phelan Kane, Alec Storey (Houndstooth, Frustrated Funk, AUS Music, R&S), Jonathan Rogers (Sunken Sun Records Ibiza) and Max4live expert Ned Rush have created online modules to help in the pursuit of original music composition with an understanding of music production.

Natural high

We have partnered with Forever Cacao to bring a new and unique way of increasing energy in cardiovascular and help combat stress & anxiety improving cognitive capabilities and memory function with raw Peruvian organic cacao.

When making music we need to remain in the creative realm, enjoy benefits of natural cacao and increase your true potential as a musician.

Activate your creativity

We have been working with professionals in coffee, cacao, yoga, meditation, cardio fitness, breath work, nutrition and music therapy creating our first eBook to help musicians, DJ’s and music professionals to increase creativity.

Audio Mogul ‘Creativity Starts from Within’ beyond the myths of music creativity eBook is available now enhancing the creative experience and expanding your tool-set for music production and making more music.

We are dedicated to offering the best knowledge and understand of what we can achieve as music makers and what we can become as creative artists.

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